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Leland St. Charles

Licensed Psychologist
Mental Health Treatment for Adults


Hello, I’m Leland. I’ve been practicing psychology since 2009.  While I’ve gained a number of skills over the years, I believe the greatest gift I can give to my clients is simply my sense of curiosity.  I’m curious about you, and my hope is to help you be more curious about yourself. 


An old mentor once told me the purpose of therapy is to increase awareness and increase choice.  I’ve often found that as a person becomes more aware of their hidden and neglected inner world, new choices and opportunities, new ways of being a human being in this world open up to them.  I’m always excited and honored to play a role in that process for another person. 


Who do I work with?

Through working in private practice, primary care settings, and college counseling centers, I’ve been lucky to work with adults of every age and developmental level, struggling with various challenges.  Many live with constant feelings of shame and regret.  Some find themselves unable to honor and advocate for their own wants and needs.  Others feel timid and fearful engaging with the world, and find themselves lonely and isolated.  And many clients battle with painful, traumatic memories from their past. 


Speaking more generally, I work mainly with people who struggle with the following types of issues:  depression, self-esteem, anxiety (social, generalized, phobias, panic attacks), grief/loss, interpersonal issues, trauma, and bipolar disorder.  My hope is to help each client live their best life, whatever that may mean for them. 

What does therapy with me look like?

Much of my work involves increasing awareness, and then walking through the doors that new awareness opens.  When I speak about awareness, what am I talking about?  As an experiment, maybe ask yourself some of these questions:


  Are you living by rules that no longer serve you?  How did you come to internalize these rules? 

What emotions are being avoided, and what is the cost of this avoidance? 

How much of yourself stays hidden from others, even (or especially) from those that you are closest to? 

What assumptions are you making about others, about the world around you, and how it all works? 

What choices are you making, without realizing that you are choosing? 

Are you living in line with your values? 

And finally… How are you feeling, and what is happening inside your body, as you ponder these questions? 


In our work, I can help you to face these questions, make peace with uncomfortable emotions, revise old beliefs and rules, set healthy boundaries, learn new ways of relating to yourself and others, and move towards a life that feels engaging and meaningful. 


My approach can be characterized as relational and experiential.  Regarding theoretical orientation, I am most strongly guided by Gestalt and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, though I am also influenced by other approaches.  

Fees and Insurance

I am in-network with PacificSource, Aetna, Regence BlueCross BlueShield,
and First Choice Health.  
Out-of-Network/Cash Pay
Initial Intake:  $200
50-minute session:  $175

A Note About Out-of-Network Coverage:
I have found that many people have excellent out-of-network coverage that they are unaware of.  If you are insured with a company other than PacificSource, Aetna, Regence BlueCross BlueShield, or 
First Choice Health, I encourage you to contact your insurance company and ask the following:
Do you have out-of-network coverage?
If so, what is the coverage?  What amount, is there a deductible, and is there a copay?

Getting Started

Getting Started

Choosing the right therapist is a big decision.  The most skilled therapist in the world will be of no use to you if they are not a good fit.  You can contact me via phone or email to schedule a free, 15-minute phone or video consultation in order to determine if we are a good fit. 

*****COVID Policy*****

I have been working virtually only since COVID began.  I am in the process of looking for a new office location, and plan to resume in-person sessions at some point in 2024.  I will continue to offer virtual therapy for those who prefer it.  

Contact Information


1210 SE Oak Street
Portland, OR 97214




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